If you have engine modifications, intake, cam or a modified exhaust system, then you may want to give our techs a call at 1-(888) 267-7464. Changing the weight of the vehicle will affect the stall. Let us help you pick the torque converter for your vehicle.

Example: Let’s take a Street rod / T-bucket that weighs 1,900 lbs to 2,400 lbs. The weight of the vehicle will drastically reduce the stall of the torque converter. To set a stall on a 1900 lb T-Bucket at 1800 rpm, you would need a converter with a stall speed of around 5,000 rpm.

ACC Performance can custom design your stall converter to fit your car and driving style for as little as $69.95 plus the freight.

Just call 1-888-267-7464 and ask for an RGA number and it all starts from there.